Cardio. Strength. Toning. Weight loss. Challenge.

Durning these classes you will use HIIT style training, strength training, cardio training and more. No workout will be the same. Come expecting to be challenged.  Define your body, look and feel STRONG!

With little to no joint impact Kettlebell Training is the perfect way for anyone of any fitness level or physical ability to increase strength and metobolism rates while gaining cardio strength and endurance.  Lose weight by burning more that 2x the calories you burn with running alone with no joint impact. Run faster by increasing your cardio and building strength.  Increase flexibility and mobility by practicing function fitness, not using machines.  Get ready for weight training for your whole body with an emphasis on your core.  Kettlebell and Kettlebell Bootcamp will increase your metabolism and keep you burning fat hours after you leave the gym. It is intended for all levels of fitness, beginner to professional athlete, the workout will challenge YOU!! 

Although Kettlebell has been around for centuries beginning in Russia (1700's) it have the last few decades been making its way to the United States.

- Used as a workout of choice for SWAT Teams, Tactical Response Teams and US Navy Seals

- "If you can choose one workout for the rest of your life make it the kettlebell swing."

- Timothy Ferriss, The 4 Hour Body

- 70% Increase in Core Strength with Kettlebell Exercise

Kettlebell Therapy: Restoring Movement with Natural Physics